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For the first time visitor surfing for a product or service, we use this HOME page to define who we are and what we do and do not do in as few words and pictures as possible so you don't waste your time.

For those who determine that our technology is of interest but need more information, there is a simple registration and authentication process that affords the visitor access to a good deal more information on the technology, it's applications, and its limitations. We hope that most interested visitors will find all they need at that level to determine if they wish to proceed further.

For those who find our technology appropriate to proceed to quotation or who need a deeper level of understanding before making that decision; tell us a little about your interest or needs after logging in using the inquiry form you'll find on the CONTACT US; page visible after login.   We will begin to use the power of this web site to open an interactive function by creating a file directory that will show up on your tool bar as "My Files" .  Using that file system, we will make whatever additional information you need available to you on a completely custom basis.  And you will be able to upload information about your application and retrieve our respones and proposals. 

Finally, for those of you who become customers, we will expand the "My Files" to include your project documentation including drawings and instruction manuals and we will create a Group of users for your plant who you tell us should have access to that information.  And we will offer a FORUM for users to talk to each other about issues of mutual interest such as maintenance, automation, or application.

Fog Controls Dust In Many Applications

Fog Replaces Bags at a Coal Fired Power Plant

In Ship Unloading Hoppers Handling Virtually Any Bulk Material

Conveying Systems in Coal Fired Power Plants

Bunker Rooms in Coal Fired Power Plants

High Capacity Coal Conveying Systems

Iron Ore Port Conveying Systems

Rail Unloading in Coal Fired Power Plants

Truck Dump Hoppers in Minerals Mining Applications

Loading of Wood Dust

Truck Loading in Wood Plants

Truck Dumps in Biofuel Plants

Fog in a transfer enclosure

Wind Fences Make Money and Protect the Environment

Three hoppers receive sulfur, coal, and other bulk materials at this port in Madagascar.

Ship Unloading Hopper Wind Protection Fence

This small fence and telescoping chute are used to reduce dust loss while stacking coal on an open stockpile.

Wind fence cuts concentrate loss, increases production.

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